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Beer factory

By visiting NZS factory you can have chance to view the beer production process and Azerbaijan organic craft beer, specially selected varieties of golden color with very intense and tasty foam. Qualified personnel and location with all modern time requirements and efficient deployment make factory more attractive place for tourists. The unique taste of beer has 100% natural ingredients and no paint, no preservative and enzymes are added.

Botanic garden

The Central Botanic Garden is a 90 year old unique place for traveller and the local residents. The rich plant collection from succulents, orchids, manicured bonsais to unique cactus area of Botanic Garden and specific fresh air makes it more even enchanting. Explore the impressive variety of flora, fauna and beatiful birds of Azerbaijan nature


Azerbaijan has more than 50 museums that cover art,  history,   tradition, culture and  literature of Azerbaijan. More than 30 musems are located in the capital city Baku.  Entertaining and informative time in these museums will help you appreciate Azerbaijan's fascinating story.


Baku is a popular city for its entertaining night life in South Caucasus . The colorful streets of Baku nights become even more glamour in Friday and Saturday nights. The night life starts at 10pm in the evening and continues till 6 am in the morning.  The night become busier with pubs, bars, restaurants, nightclubs, live music, Karaoke clubs, lounges, cinemas, belly-dancing, late night sightseeing, theatres, shows, social bars and with other places.

Skiing & Snowboarding

Azerbaijan mountains are covered with snow during the winter months. Shahdag (Gusar) and Tufandag (Gabala) are tourism centers where you can enjoy driving snowmobiles. Tour managers will explain you the safety rules and how to handle these powerful machines. The tours will start from high up into the mountains with breathtaking views of the mountains and surrounding areas. Safety helmets are provided and must be worn during the tour.

Cable car

You can experience cable car in Gabala and Shahdag (Gusar) where you will enjoy height and view of the mountains. Cable car is available in all seasons, but winter is the best time to enjoy snow on the mountains. Cable car in Gabala climbs 1660 Meter high up to the mountain. There is more than 5-kilometer walking distance in the rope lines and 4 stations (points to stop).  


Bowling is one the best activities you can have with friends, family, and kids. There also other social games such billiards and table tennis at the venue. You can also enjoy different types food from both domestic and global cuisine. Take pro-level lanes, add a state-of-the-art electronic scoring system and rocking surround sound entertainment system, and you've got a true experience. Compete with friends and have enjoyable time.


There are few greater landscapes on this wonderful planet than the thunderous green Caucasus Mountains, where you can enjoy mother nature. There a number of location you can enjoy camping. Camping equipment can also be organised upon request.  


Baku Karting & Event Senter - it is the biggest, covered entertaining Karting center in Transcaucasia, open to all lovers of speed and drive in June 2010. The center with total area of 4000 m² is tarmac track length of 500 meters and a fleet consisting of new professional card leading German manufacturer Rimo.


Azerbaijan will surprise you with its nature - there are high mountain ridges and plains, semi deserts and woodlands, seas and rivers. You will be delighted to see the Greater Caucasus Mountains from the north,  the Lesser Caucasus Mountains from the west and south-west and Talysh Mountains from the south-east are stretching in our country.